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If you're looking to get your septic tank pumped, stop looking and start dialing. Ace has enough experience to handle virtually any septic tank pumping need. We have large enough capacity truck to handle it. Whether you live in Tri-cities, Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, Benton City, Prosser, Eltopia, Burbank or anywhere around the Tri-Cities area.

When it comes to pumping your septic tank you want it done and move on with your life. We will pump your septic tank and inspect the system, to give you peace of mind once it is back out of sight. You want to know that it will be serviced with care and consistency. You want to focus on your other tasks at hand.

All of the units below can easily be applied to construction, commercial, residential, agriculture and any special event. All units come with Ace's Premium Service. Customizable service routes are available as well. We can do that!

Standard Unit This unit, coupled with Ace's Premium Service, meets most temporary restroom needs. The standard unit is our most economical solution to your restroom needs.

Optional Hand sanitizer, the majority of our customers request the addition of a hand sanitizer.

Standard Unit w/ Sink Same as unit above only with a foot pump operated sink, comes loaded with soap and paper towels.

*Crane lift option available on all standard sized units*

Wheel Chair Accessible Unit This spacious wheelchair accessible unit provides users with room to maneuver. Coming or going, the doorway allows easy access for wheelchairs and others needing extra space, bridesmaids maids with big flowing dresses really love the extra space! Unit shown not actual size, it's big, but it's not that big!

Handwash unit on wheels These are perfect for when you need to take it with you. Maximum speed 40mph.

Septic Tank Pumping Services Electronic tank lid locating and excavating available. It's easy to coordinate our service with your city sewer hookup contractor. Real estate sale inspections are free with septic cleaning. Mention this website and recieve 5% off your septic tank pumping!

We also have grey water tender trucks.

Stand Alone Sinks These are one or two station foot pump operated sinks. No water supply is needed. They come loaded with soap and paper towels.

Stand alone shower unit This unit looks just like a standard portable on the outside, but on the inside, it's a shower. just add water!

Holding Tanks 250 gallons and 300 gallon in size, perfect for a mobile office trailer with bathroom.