6 Causes of Septic Drain Field Failure

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Septic drain field being serviced

Drain fields are essential parts of septic systems. Also known as leach fields, drain fields filter and disperse wastewater from septic systems. They slowly release it into the soil, where natural bacteria goes to work breaking down the waste.

That’s how it all works when drain fields are functioning properly. When they fail, so do entire septic systems.

To avoid the hassles, messes, and costs of drain field and septic system problems, here’s a look at the top causes of leach field failures. Knowing how these problems typically happen can help you take the right steps to avoid them in the future.

1. An Aging Septic System

Leach fields have an average lifespan of 25 years. If your system is approaching or beyond that age, it can be vulnerable to drain field problems, especially if it’s seen heavy usage and/or poor maintenance over the years.

2. Pipe Blockage

Tree root infiltration can result in roots and/or soil clogging pipes. When that happens, wastewater can be blocked from passing through the system to enter the soil.

3. Excessive Water Use

Water leaks, running toilets, or excessive water use can flood leach fields. Flooding can also occur after heavy storms. No matter what causes drain fields to flood, the result will be the same: The effluent won’t be able to drain properly into the soil.

4. Crushed Pipes

Pressure from construction, shifting soil, and more can, at times, be too much for pipes to take. When that pressure crushes pipes, the effluent will be blocked from passing through the system to the soil, causing the septic system to fail.

5. Pouring Chemicals Down Drains

Paint, chemicals, and other substances can clog pipes and prevent proper drainage through leach fields. The same goes for oils and grease.

6. Failure to Maintain Septic Systems

Septic systems and leach fields need maintenance every three to five years to keep things in good working condition. Without that maintenance, small issues can go unnoticed and unaddressed, paving the way for major problems like drain field failures.

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