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Employee pumping a septic tank

Does My Septic Tank Need to Be Pumped?

Septic tank problems aren’t always obvious. They can, however, be really damaging. If your plumbing system is acting up and you want to figure out if your septic system has let you down, here’s what you need to determine. For expert help diagnosing the issue, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Ace Portable Restroom[...]
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Septic system that is backed up

Septic System Backups: How They Happen & How to Prevent Them

Sewage backups caused by septic system failures are a nightmare. They’re messy, foul, and risky for your health. Knowing how they happen can help you take the right steps to maintain a healthy septic system and minimize your risk of future backups. Dealing with a sewage backup at your Tri-City-area home? Call (509) 588-0828 or[...]
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Septic drain field being serviced

6 Causes of Septic Drain Field Failure

Drain fields are essential parts of septic systems. Also known as leach fields, drain fields filter and disperse wastewater from septic systems. They slowly release it into the soil, where natural bacteria goes to work breaking down the waste. That’s how it all works when drain fields are functioning properly. When they fail, so do[...]
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Full septic tank being pumped

5 Signs of a Full Septic Tank

5 Signs of a Full Septic Tank A healthy septic system works quietly in the background, reliably removing waste from your home without any extra effort on your part. Over the years, however, septic tanks will fill up and top off if they aren’t routinely emptied. As that happens, the plumbing system in your home[...]
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man inspecting a septic system

Why You Should Have the Septic System Inspected Before Buying a Home

Buying a home is an exciting and involved process. There is so much to consider and do. One of the most helpful, and often forgotten, things you should do before buying a home is to have the septic system inspected. While some counties mandate this as part of the home buying process, others do not.[...]
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Sewage Ejector Pump

What is a Sewage Ejector Tank?

A sewage ejector tank is part of a plumbing system that is more formally known as a sewage ejector tank and pump system or a pump-up ejector system. We install these systems when there are plumbing fixtures, such as a bathroom or laundry room, that sit below the main sewer drain or septic line. Drain[...]
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maintenance worker opening septic tank

Don’t Flush These Items If You Have a Septic Tank

If we all have one thing in common, it’s that we all use the toilet. Unfortunately, some consider the toilet a trash receptacle as well. However, flushing anything more than human waste and paper products can cause clogged toilets as well as possible damage to septic systems and wastewater treatment facilities. Flushing items like cellphones[...]
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