Does My Septic Tank Need to Be Pumped?

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Employee pumping a septic tank

Septic tank problems aren’t always obvious. They can, however, be really damaging. If your plumbing system is acting up and you want to figure out if your septic system has let you down, here’s what you need to determine.

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Are Multiple Drains Slowing Down?

A single slow drain can be the result of a clog. When multiple drains in your home have slowed down, you could be dealing with a bigger issue.

Often, full septic tanks and sewer line problems will start to slow down the drains that are on the lowest levels of homes first. As the problem persists, drains in higher levels of the home will also be affected.

Are Multiple Plumbing Fixtures Having Problems?

Plumbing fixtures, like any system in your home, can act up from time to time. In fact, everyone, at some time or another, will have a clogged sink, a gurgling toilet, or some other minor plumbing issue.

When a handful of plumbing problems arise at the same time—especially problems that affect drains and the removal wastewater from your home—there’s a good chance that you have a septic system problem on your hands.

Are There Bad Odors Coming from Drains?

There’s no mistaking the odor of sewage. When it’s coming from your drains:

  • You may have much more than a clog on your hands: Clogs don’t usually give off odors, unless they are coming from deep within your sewer line and they’re preventing wastewater from draining. Camera line inspections can be necessary to figuring out when and where these deep sewer line clogs exist.
  • It may only be a matter of time before a sewage backup follows: Don’t ignore these odors. Take them as a sign that you have a sewer line or septic system emergency on your hands, and call for service ASAP.

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