How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need for a Festival?

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Anyone who is planning an outdoor festival has several amenities to consider. Among them is providing sanitary toilet facilities for attendees. However, you may need some guidance figuring out how many and which different types of portable toilets you need. Here are some questions that can help guide your decision-making for portable toilet accommodations for your festival.

Our professional team at Ace Portable Restroom Rentals and Septic Tank Services can accommodate your outdoor festival’s portable toilet needs. Call us today at 509-546-0631 to speak with a representative and learn more about your portable toilet options for festival planning.

How many attendees are you expecting?

Before deciding how many portable toilets to rent for a festival, it helps to have a rough idea of how many people are expected to attend. The intended size of the festival and the number of tickets sold or projected to sell is a good starting place.

Is there a limit to the number of attendees? Are you expecting somewhere between 50 and 100 guests? Then one or two portable toilets should be sufficient to meet guest demand without causing long lines or the demand for bathroom use outside of authorized facilities.

If you’re expecting 100 or more guests, then you should plan to have one additional toilet for every 100 people expected. It’s always better to over-plan than under plan and end up having your guests wait in line to use the bathroom—or worse, opt for using a bush.

What kind of food and drink are you serving at the event?

After determining the minimum number of toilets needed, you should consider the types of food and drink you intend to serve at the festival. Most foods and non-alcoholic beverages served would still only require the calculated minimum number of toilets.

However, if you plan to serve alcohol and spicy foods that affect digestion, you should plan on renting more toilets. People tend to use the facilities more when consuming alcohol, and spicy foods can trigger more bowel movements. Serving any regional spicy foods may require additional portable toilets to accommodate your guests.

A good rule to follow is to add 20 percent to your original minimum number when planning to serve alcohol or spicy foods.

What is the age range of expected attendees?

The ages of festival attendees will also influence the number and type of portable toilets you should plan to have on hand at your festival.

Are parents with small children expected to attend? If yes, then having a few additional toilets on hand is smart planning. You might consider renting portable toilets with a sink and running water to help parents and small children with cleaning up.

Are senior citizens or disabled persons attending your event? If so, it would be best to rent some larger toilets designed for better accessibility.

If your festival is likely to attract a multi-generational audience, it’s best to accommodate facility users of all ages.

Portable toilet locations at a festival

Place accessible and standard portable toilets close to eating or food vending areas (but not too close). Ensure the bathrooms are on level ground for ease of access and user stability.

Portable toilets and additional rental options

Ace Portable Restroom Rentals and Septic Tank Services offers the following types of portable toilets for festivals and other gatherings:

Standard Portable Toilet Unit

The standard unit is our most economical option. Along with Ace’s premium service, it will handle most temporary restroom needs.

Optional Hand Sanitizer

Add an optional hand sanitizer to your portal toilet rental.

Standard Unit with Sink

This includes the standard portable toilet with an additional foot pump-operated sink. It also includes soap and paper towels.

Wheelchair Accessible Unit

Our wheelchair accessible unit is just that, a portable toilet unit large enough to accommodate wheelchair users. Persons wearing large costumes or wedding party members appreciate the extra space, too.

Handwashing Unit on Wheels

You can provide a handwashing station for multiple units with our portable hand washing station. Maximum transport speed: 30 mph. Contact Ace Portable Restroom Rentals and Septic Tank Services in Pasco, WA, today at 509-546-0631 to discuss your festival’s portable toilet and other personal sanitation requirements. Our specialists can help you determine the optimal number and types of portable toilets that would best accommodate your guests.