Septic System Backups: How They Happen & How to Prevent Them

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Septic system that is backed up

Sewage backups caused by septic system failures are a nightmare. They’re messy, foul, and risky for your health. Knowing how they happen can help you take the right steps to maintain a healthy septic system and minimize your risk of future backups.

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What Causes Septic System Backups?

Backups are the result of waste not being able to pass through the system as it should. Most commonly, the blockages and problems that cause septic system backups include:

  • Clogs: Deep clogs in sewer lines and septic systems can stop effluent from passing through the system.
  • Damaged pipes: Anything from shifting soil and tree root infiltration to pouring caustic drain cleaners down drains can damage pipes in septic systems.
  • An aging system: After about 25 years, septic systems can start to break down, making them more vulnerable to failure and backups.
  • Little to no system maintenance: Routine maintenance is how small problems are fixed before they cause major damage. Without maintenance, regular wear and tear can take a big toll on septic systems, potentially shaving years off their service life.

How Do I Prevent a Septic System Backup?

Some of the best ways to prevent sewage backups and septic system failures are to:

  1. Get septic system maintenance service regularly: It’s best to get maintenance service every three to five years to keep septic systems in optimal working condition.
  2. Know the signs of septic system problems and call for service ASAP: Well before backups happen, septic system problems can raise more subtle red flags—like slowing down drainage, sewage-like odors around drains, and weaker flushing. If you notice these issues, don’t ignore them. The sooner an expert addresses them, the better your chances will be of avoiding a backup.

Here are some other things you can do to reduce the risk of septic system backups:

  • Never put foreign objects down your drains.
  • Avoid putting excessive pressure on the ground above sewer lines. Pressure can crush the lines, causing catastrophic damage to septic systems.
  • Avoid planting trees by septic lines. Roots can infiltrate your pipes and cause major septic system problems.

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