Portable Toilets and Sanitation

Portable Restroom Rentals for Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland

All of the units below can easily be applied to construction, commercial, residential, agriculture and any special event. All units come with Ace’s Premium Service. Customizable service routes are available as well. We can do that!

Portable Toilet Units

Standard Portable Toilet Unit – This unit, coupled with Ace’s Premium Service, meets most temporary restroom needs. The standard unit is our most economical solution to your restroom needs.

Optional Hand Sanitizer – The majority of our customers request the addition of hand sanitizer stations.

Standard Portable Toilet with sink – Same as standard unit but with the addition of a foot pump operated handwashing sink. Comes loaded with soap and paper towels.

*Crane lift option available on all standard sized porta potty units*

Wheelchair Accessible Unit This spacious wheelchair accessible unit provides users with room to maneuver. Coming or going, the doorway allows easy access for wheelchairs and others needing extra space. Bridesmaids with big flowing dresses also love the extra space!

Handwash Unit on Wheels – GAP compliant handwash unit on wheels. Sink mounted on outside of unit. These are perfect for when you need to take it with you. Maximum speed 30 mph.

Other Rental Units

handwash stations / Stand Alone Sinks – These are one or two station foot pump operated sinks. No water supply is needed. They come loaded with soap and paper towels.

Holding Tanks – 250 gallons and 300 gallon waste holding tanks available. Perfect for a mobile office trailer with restroom.

Our Service Area

  • Pasco

  • Kennewick

  • Richland

  • Burbank

  • Eltopia

  • Wallulla

  • Mesa

  • Connell

  • Benton City

  • Prosser

Portable Toilet FAQs

Q: How many portable toilets and handwash stations will I need for my event?

Contact us and an experienced Event Coordinator will contact you to discuss the portable sanitation requirements for your event.

Q: What minimum service is performed each week for my restroom that stays on route or on site?

Here’s a checklist of what we perform on a weekly basis:

  • Evacuate the holding tank
  • Remove debris
  • Scrub and sanitize all surfaces including the walls, urinal, toilet seat, and floor
  • Add fresh water and deodorant solution to tank
  • Replenish supplies
  • Complete or schedule needed repairs
  • Sign and date service log sticker in each unit

Q: What if my unit is inaccessible for service?

Our driver will make all reasonable attempts to service the unit(s): call all points of contact, call in to our main office for authorization to do partial service, etc. The unit will be cleaned, and supplies restocked. A “No Service Tag” will be placed on the unit to indicate that we were on site but not able to do a complete service. It will be noted in your order as to why the porta potty was only partially serviced. If the unit is only partially serviced due to being blocked, unreachable, behind locked gates or the like, you may request us to return to the site prior to your next scheduled route day for an additional fee.

Q: What additional options are available on my Ace Portable toilets?

The following additional options are available at your request to add to any of our restrooms:

  • Hand washing sinks with soap
  • Paper towels
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Seat covers in mounted dispenser
  • Women-only restrooms
  • Handicap accessible restrooms
  • Lock and key
  • For long term rentals, to prevent tip-overs from high winds, we can stake unit down

Portable Toilet Rental Delivery and Installation

Ace Portable Restroom Rentals provides on-time portable toilet rental delivery and installation services for all of our customers.

Locating and renting the equipment is just the start. We provide a beneficial cost savings solution for you by safely and effectively delivering the restrooms and all necessary equipment.

Our delivery and installation staff will ensure your order is delivered accurately. Our years of experience allow us to already have a game plan and know exactly what to do before we even get there.

Restrooms are delivered with care and will be immediately ready for use.

To request servicing or pickup of a portable toilet call 509-546-0631